Meet Foley!

Foley and his littermate were abandoned on a rural canyon road on the Oregon Coast. They wandered for days and eventually chose to trust a good Samaritan who rescued them from the dangerous situation and brought them both to Tillamook K9. The two were starving, dirty and exhausted. 

Foley entered into our training program and even though he showed the trainers that he was still dealing with an underlying fear, he was able to complete his training thanks to the skills and patience of our training coaches. We are so proud that Foley was able to stick with it, and see the training all the way through. 

Foley, now known as Boomer, was quickly adopted and can now take his new skills to his new home to impress his family! 

Great job everyone! Another Graduate!

Ooo! Who's this pretty pitty!? This is Maxine! Maxine is our newest O-YA DAWGS training candidate! Maxine is a young gal, about 4 years old who ended up in a big city shelter. With her spunky attitude and her lust for life, even after its obvious that she has been horrifically neglected, is inspiring to us! Of course we had to scoop her up and get her started on the right track. Over at Camp Tillamook, the O-YA DAWGS trainers will give her the gift of skills that make her a great family member, ensure that she stays in her home and out of another shelter. And back at Tillamook K9 she will receive the gift of physical, emotional and mental healing through our amazing and caring volunteers and staff. 

Stay tuned to hear more about Maxine's Journey!


Tillamook K9 Rescue has teamed up with the Oregon Youth Authority's Camp Tillamook Work Study Center, and have created the O-YA DAWGS dog obedience training program. 

This program will focus on pairing up an adoptable dog from Tillamook K9 who would benefit from a structured obedience training course, with a trained Youth Participant from the Camp. The pair will work together in a structured environment and have a course outline, where each week our dogs will be trained a new skill. 

The expectation is for the dogs in the program to earn skills that will make them more adoptable. We believe that dogs who earn these skills through training will make better family pets and be set up for a successful relationship with their new adoptive families. Therefore, diminishing the chance that dog will end up back in a shelter. 

The expectation for the Youth Participant is to gain skills and knowledge of dog handling and learn about the importance of responsible Dog ownership as well as be able to radiate that knowledge throughout their life to others. Working with rescue animals can teach empathy and compassion. We believe that the more Youth we can educate to work in Animal Welfare, the better off the world will be for generations to come.  We believe that they will gain confidence, leadership skills and know what it feels like to see their hard work turn into major accomplishments.

Meet Angel!

Angel is our second O-YA DAWGS canine participant. Angel came to our shelter in a very anxious state of mind with very little social skills. 

Angel is a young lass, barely one-year-old. At first, she was untrusting and nervous, but still yearning for affection. After regrouping she is showing us that she is a total tomboy! She's feisty, adventurous, bouncy and happy. Angel has also shown us how smart she is, she's catching on in her training fast. 

This fun pup needs a lot of attention, exercise, vigorous play, mental stimulation. She has a great shot at a happy life with the new skills she's learning with her trainer, Josif!


 Meet Renzo!!

Whoa!! Everyone's first impression of our favorite lad, Renzo, is his impressive size. A small horse, some say. Giant Hog perhaps. Cow? He's definitely a BIG BOY and thick as a Mack Truck. Which also means he's incredibly strong. To top that off, he's stubborn as sin! But you aren't going to find a SWEETER boy than Renzo. 

Renzo adores people and attention. He's friendly as can be with us humans and good with female dogs. Renzo is always ready to play ball, toss the rope or just relax. And believe us, he'll tell you when he's done horsing around. Renzo has this adorable habit of plopping his entire body onto the ground anytime he doesn't want to do something. It's quite endearing! 

Renzo has just completed his Obedience Training and is waiting for his new, forever home. We know that someone out there is going to cherish this hilarious boy as much as we do! 

The O-YA DAWGS program is incredibly lucky to start off on the right foot, with a very valuable youth participant, Victor. 

Victor has previously been involved in the "Project Pooch" at MacLaren in Woodburn, OR. The Project Pooch program is a very well established dog training based program that has years of success with dogs. Victor was a part of that. Tillamook K9 will hugely benefit from having Victor help build our programs and train other youth to train our dogs. We are so grateful! 

Victor has helped build obedience curriculums that follow a dogs progress from start to finish. He has successfully trained a handful of dogs already and is very eager to help TCAA and OYA kickstart the O-YA DAWGS program off on the right foot. We are incredibly lucky to have him be an integral part of the project. 

Photographed- Victor meeting our first O-YA DAWGS animal participant, Luna. 


Stay tuned for upcoming trainers and trainees and some behind the scenes at the OYA DAWGS training at Camp Tillamook

Trainer, Victor always mentions that he enjoys the more challenging dogs for obedience training. We didn't think Wrinkles was challenging as in he was a 'bad boy', only that his brain has only ever known fear and uncertainty. Victor, our O-YA DAWGS head trainer, and Tillamook K9 Rescue volunteers were able to retrain Wrinkles brain patterns and thought process and he really began to be the shining star we all saw inside! 


We are so pleased to announce our second O-YA DAWGS trainer to the training team. Josif is excited and eager to work with his first O-YA DAWGS canine participant, Angel, and they have already created a wonderful bond. 

Josif, like Victor, has had some previous experience in the "Project Pooch" program at MacLaren in Woodburn, OR. He is able to bring his knowledge of Positive Reinforcement Obedience Training to Angel's world. 

With the wonderful training that Josif will provide for Angel, she will have a much more successful chance of finding her forever place in this world. This program will give her the skills she will need to be a successful family member and stay in her home for life.  

We are so excited to have eager and experienced youth participants at the Tillamook Camp. The program shows great benefits on our shelter dogs. The dogs come back from training in a calm state of mind. It is easy to tell that they feel more confident and focused. Great progress! 

Oregon Youth Authority • Dogs Assisting With Growth and Service


Wrinkles is a very special dog who touched a lot of hearts. He had a horrific past of being tossed around from one person to another. None of whom which cared about him on a level that he deeply needed. Eventually, he ended up living with a gentleman under a bridge. His days consisted of walking miles and miles all over the county, searching for the next safe place to sleep. All the while living this very harsh lifestyle, Wrinkles was abused on a level none of us really understand. He was beaten, burned, tortured, and even hung off a bridge by his collar. Wrinkles was a broken soul when he came to Tillamook K9. But once his paws enter our facility, we promise him that he will never have to know that level of pain again.

     During his time at Tillamook K9, Wrinkles finally began to unwind, relax and know what it felt like to be safe and loved. Although some of his physical wounds will never heal, we could tell that his emotional scars were beginning to fade. 

     Wrinkles was sought out and welcomed into a family that thought his corky ears, his droopy face and his passion for attention were the best thing about him. Wrinkles outwardly scars meant nothing to them and they embraced him with unconditional love. He now lives in peace and quiet. He receives tenderness, understanding and gentleness. He has a fur-friend for life and human parents who absolutely adore him. Way to go Wrinkles!

Meet Luna. 

Luna is our first O-YA DAWG dog candidate. She is the perfect dog to begin this journey with. 

Luna is about 9 months old. She was never given the chance to be a "Good Girl" with any proper training. Left to her own devices, she began causing problems in the neighborhood by terrorizing chickens and ducks. 

It was clear that Luna had suffered some traumatic treatment in her short life. She was incredibly fearful when someone would reach down to her collar. She would pancake her body and pee. The slightest touch to her backside would cause her to scream. She was terrified of men and untrusting. 

Since Luna has entered this program she has begun to trust again! Her brain is being rewired to count on humans to love her and give her affection. We are confident that with Victor's training curriculum and his positive and gentle approach, Luna will have the skills she needs to be a successful member of a loving family.