• Property perimeter fencing with road gate and one exit gate 
  • Re-pave the driveway, walkways
  • Re-seal kennel floors and walls and paint with non-toxic paint
  • Kennel door repairs 
  • Construct a stand alone building for an office with a restroom
  • ​Meet and Greet Gazebo for adoption meetings

It all started with a garage and a vision. 

By the hands of the Tillamook County Inmate work crew, led by​ Dave Jungling, an old garage was converted into an 8 kennel shelter with a big mission.

Tillamook K9 Rescue directly supports local Law Enforcement agencies with their dog cases. Law Enforcement have access to the shelter 24 hours a day and are provided with everything they need in a quick set up, so that they can safely place a dog, and be on their way. 

Tillamook K9 Rescue handles Tillamook County's lost and stray dogs, all dogs seized by Law Enforcement, dogs suffering from abuse or neglect, dogs that are a blameless victim of their owner's arrest. We will occasionally accept a surrendered dog under certain circumstances or invite another dog from a shelter that is overflowing.

Tillamook K9 Rescue has a relationship with the nearby Oregon Youth Authority and Camp Tillamook where the program, "O-YA DAWGS" was born. A couple of the youth from OYA are skilled dog obedience trainers who have experience training in another facility, and bring their talents to the dogs at Tillamook K9. This is a ground-breaking program for Tillamook County. It supports the idea of keeping dogs in their home for life by training proper obedience skills.

In the near future, Tillamook K9 will also partner with the Female Inmate work crew at the Tillamook County Jail. The "FIDO" program will focus on allowing the women to be productive in the community and make a difference. They will be able to work in the kennel completing kennel chores such as cleaning and laundry, as well as provide extra companionship with the shelter dogs. The women will also be given the opportunity to learn how to teach basic obedience through positive reinforcement. 

The shelter sits on 1.04 acres and is in dire need of perimeter fencing. Running the risk of a dog slipping through their collar, or bolting past the kennel door is a big concern for not only the dog's safety but for public safety and the safety of our volunteers as well. We would like to have a safety net in case an accident occurs and a dog escapes. This perimeter fence will need to have a large entrance gate for vehicles and a smaller gate for staff and volunteers to exit the area for long exercise walks.

Tillamook K9 is also needing an office building. This building will be a stand alone building adjacent to the shelter. The office will be used to conduct adoption interviews, meetings, and administrative work. There will also be a place for volunteers to make themselves comfortable while they are on shift by having their own space, a refrigerator, microwave and restroom facility. 

We will need funding in place in order to complete several maintenance projects such as re-paving our drive way and walk way. The concrete is terribly chewed up and unsightly. We need to reseal our concrete walls and floors and paint them with eco-friendly, non-toxic paint. Several repairs are needed on kennel doors as well as reinforce doors that have not been damaged yet. 

Lastly, to complete the Tillamook K9 Rescue dream of a well functioning dog shelter, we would like to have gazebo with seating to complete a park-like setting that is not only inviting to the eye, but a peaceful place for the public to come and have a one-on-one meet and greet with an adoptable dog. We also hope that our volunteers will enjoy this space as a peaceful place to give a dog some special attention.

Current Shelter  Construction Needs

Please consider a donation to Tillamook K9 Rescue to help us complete our Growing Shelter​.

Your Donation towards the continuing construction of our Tillamook K9 Rescue Shelter is crucial in order for us to provide the best temporary home we can to our shelter


Tillamook K9 Rescue is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. All donations made are tax deductible. 

To mail your donation to us, please mail to Tillamook K9 Rescue, P.O. Box 1277 Tillamook, OR 97141 and write "Growing Shelter" in the memo.